Our customers are our priority. And we strive to provide fast, accurate and informative support. We try to improve our work always, and feedback are always welcome. Our support systems are continuously evaluated, and some improvements have been done, and will be done, not all visible to the user.

We ask for all support to  come in through our Jira support portal at  Support request will be categorized, and work on in a priority matter. In order to receive fast support, please provide all relevant info in your first contact to us.

We have one main release each year, but we provide new version on an unscheduled manner as needed for fix bugs, improve system and add new features. We have provided a list of previos versions so you can see these versions, and check if your company is using the lastest version available. * This feature requires login to our support section.
We do not accept support request from our webpage, that is by Jira support portal primarily, and secondary by phone.


* – Login required in order to view the page.