User meeting 2015

The annual INS2000+ user meeting was held at the Imperial Hotel in Copenhagen on June 4th and 5th.

We have released the slides and presentations through our customer login Shared downloads > User Meeting 2015 folder.

User meeting 2015 summary

This year’s user meeting was held in Copenhagen as in previous years. New this year was the presence of Cambiaso Risso, which we at ITS welcomed.  The agenda for the user meeting comprised many interesting topics which helped contribute to good dialogues.

One of the issues on the agenda was “Sharing of user experiences”.  Here it was stated clearly that the functionality regarding Conditions text in INS2000+ was not good enough.  Some of the participants pointed out that they fully or partially created cover notes or policies manually. ITS has already started to analyze possible alternative solutions and how these may be implemented. Currently, we are in the early stages and it is difficult to give any details on how and when this will be resolved.

The issue regarding saving emails and documents in INS2000+  was also discussed.  Some users experience that the «Save dialogue» does not pop-up or that the system «locks». It is possible to implement Add-ins to Outlook in INS2000+. This task has been included in the priority list. We will initiate the development of this if the task is also a priority to you.

One of the major projects ITS is working on presently, is rewriting the closing routine. Jan Erik presented the plans for this project.  Today the closing routine in INS2000+ induces more support cases than any other routines/functionalities in the application. It is also the largest challenge for users when something goes wrong. The goal is to provide a closing routine that is faster and more reliable. The closing routine will also be expanded to provide the user with the capability to enter different due date for insurers and clients.

Regarding the technologies supported by INS2000+, Jan Erik informed that INS2000+ version 3.6 which is planned to be released on October 15th, will only support MSSQL server 2012 or newer.  It is therefore important that you inform your company’s IT department about this change, so they can prepare. The change will allow INS2000+ to use tools and routines to optimize communication with the MSSQL server. This among other things will be essential to the new closing routine.

Please refer to the document INS2000 + System Requirements which provides an overview of supported operating systems etc. You can find the document on our webpage’s customer section under Shared documents.

The users gave feedback on the response time from support, which in some cases may be somewhat long.  We are working systematically with support and support cases to improve this. We have taken steps to weekly meetings where everyone at ITS is present, and where support issues are discussed. This may include everything from how to recreate errors/bugs or find alternative solutions to a specific case. We find that the weekly meetings makes us better able to solve some heavier issues faster.

Last year at the user meeting, we promised to provide you with the possibility to view your support cases and tasks, i.e, the issues you have sent to For various reasons this project has taken longer than planned. We are continuing our work on this project and we hope to have a solution ready for testing this autumn.

All in all, ITS is very pleased with this year’s user meeting. It is important for us to get feedback from you, both what is good, and not least in the areas we need to improve on. This applies to both INS2000+ and us as a company. Questionnaires regarding user meeting, workshop, priority list and INS2000 + generally, are all important for us in our future efforts to improve. We appreciate that you take the time to answer the questionnaires.

Finally, we thank all of you users who attended the user meeting for pleasant moments and constructive feedback. We also would like to thank those of you who have participated in testing INS2000+ during the year. This will benefit all.

We wish you all a great summer and look forward to a continued good cooperation with you all

With regards from all of us at ITS