User meeting 2014

User meeting 2014.

Information on this page will be updated as more details are settled. Check back on our webpage to see if there are any news, or read our newsletters which will inform you of any more details or updates.

Update June 12th:
– Added presentation slides in .PDF for support
– Added picture slide show:
Update June 13th:
– Added links to .pdf files of every presentation (first 2 presentations Thursday is on the same file, yes)


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User meeting for the customers and users of INS2000+ will be held in Copenhagen in Denmark, on June 5th – 6th 2014.

Thursday June 5th:
12:30 – Opening   Download presentation
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – ITS—What have we done, what do we do and where do we want to go?      Download presentation
15:00 – Reporting   Download presentation
16:00 – Coffee break
16:15 – New user manuals for each module   Download presentation
16:30 – Highlights from versions 3.2 / 3.3.   Download presentation
18:30 – Completed day one presentations
20:00 – Dinner

Friday June 6th:
09:00 – How is a release created? The process from idea to finished product.    Download presentation
10:00 – Coffee break
10:15 – Information & tips from support   Download presentation
11:00 – Version 3.4—What is planned?    Download presentation
12:00 – Lunch