Reorganization of Insurance Technology Solutions AS (ITS)

This summer there has been a reorganization of ITS. This means that Arnfinn H. Kristensen is now the Managing Director of ITS. Nils K. Herland assumes the position as Client Director. ITS will thereby maintain and continue to use the expertise that Nils K. Herland has, and it will ensure a smooth transition in connection with the change in management.

ITS will focus on the further development of INS2000. There will be two releases a year, a main release and an intermediate release. The main release will still be October 15th and it will include development covered by the maintenance agreement. Intermediate release will be April 1st. This will include special orders and changes requested by customers. Those customers who have not ordered specific changes will only need to deal with the main release.

Through the inquiries we have received through the support desk, we see a need for increased training of the users of INS2000. Therefore ITS wishes to increase the supply of courses on different subjects of INS2000. We will work on offering more courses, and we will consider using the opportunity to arrange meetings in connection with the yearly user meeting.

We will repeat the success of this year and we will organize the 2014 user meeting in Copenhagen. This will take place in the beginning of June. We will publish more information and registration during this fall.


New roles in ITS

Managing Director: Arnfinn H. Kristensen

Arnfinn has the daily responsibility for the operation of ITS. He will ensure that internal and external company goals are reached.

Chief Technology Officer: Jan Erik Christensen

Jan Erik is responsible for managing the internal and external development resources of the company. He is also responsible for estimating and distribution of each development task to each release. Jan Erik is also the assistant Managing Director.

Client Director: Nils K. Herland

Nils will work with customer support and follow-up. This involves mapping of customer needs and in addition, he will take an active part in training and development of customer training courses.

Client / Development Director: Bjørn Kjellerød

Bjørn is responsible for processing the good ideas from customers. Bjørn will be a liaison between customers and development of INS2000+. He will also continue to hold workshops and courses for clients.


The way forward – new major release


Currently we are concentrating on finishing version 3.2 of INS2000. This version will be released as scheduled on October 15th 2013. The internal development will be finalized by September 15th, followed by a one-month test period. Simultaneously with this work, we are drawing up a detailed plan for the next release of INS2000, which is version 3.3 of INS2000 scheduled for April 1st 2014 release. On our website, you will be able to find information about what is planned to be in the different releases.

Bug fixes

During the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014, we will regularly release new bug fix versions of INS2000. Our goal is that we will post a new corrected version every two months. This will make it easier and more predictable for our customers. Serious errors that are critical to production will still be corrected immediately and a new version will be posted as soon as possible.


Report all questions and errors in INS2000 to as previously. Our experience is that this collaboration between support and customers work well. In order to offer you better service through the support, as we have previously mentioned, we have started to maintain and update the documentation of INS2000. This will be an ongoing process as INS2000 progresses. On our new webpages, we will post information about the individual releases that we publish. Here you will also find updated user manuals, quick guides to new features in INS2000 and frequently asked questions. All this so that you as a user will be able to more easily obtain relevant information.