Release plan 2014

We plan to follow a scheduled release plan, to include bi monthly bug fix releases. It will as before be one major release every year in October, plus an intermediate release mainly for ordered features in April. In between the releases in the plan, we will still work on and fix major show stoppers that prevents production in some way. Errors the cause inconvenience might not be fixed before the next scheduled bug fix release.

  • February 1st 2014: Bug fix release for 3.2
  • April 1st 2014: Version 3.3
    Intermediate release, only those have the ordered specific functions have to install this version.
  • June 1st: Bug fix release for 3.3 / 3.2
  • August 1st: Bug fix release for 3.3 / 3.2
  • October 15th: Version 3.4