This is an unscheduled bugfix release.

Due to reported errors in scheduled bugfix release 01.06.2017 (v3.9.0.38) we are now releasing this unscheduled bugfix v3.9.0.40 which contains bugfixes as listed below.

We recommend that you run the installer in your test environment and perform some tests before you install it in your production environment.

Task ChangeLogText Version SUP# Module
7116 Fixed issue with incorrect focus on insurance record. Error message will only appear once. v3.9.0.40 26764 Documentation
7141 Fixed issue where setting status to Ready Closing changed premium wrongly v3.9.0.40 26864 Documentation
7148 (NHC only): Fixed issue with P&I calculation when IsGrossTonn is activated and overridden to 1 for some interest codes v3.9.0.40 26873 Documentation
7154 Fixed issue where manual registration of premium in placing dialog was interupted when “Fixed premium” was selected v3.9.0.40 26900 Documentation
7162 Fixed issue where agent, placing and acc. figures did not match for PIDEF (NHC) v3.9.0.40 Documentation
7040 New closing: Clarified a message when changing instalment values above the limit on closing by covernote/policy v3.9.0.40 26429 Documentation
7096 New closing: Fixed issue with instalment calculation for TERM lines after manual change of premium v3.9.0.40 26681 Documentation
7145 Documents: Fixed issue with rare cases of additional reports when using DBCRNOTEto. v3.9.0.40 26758 Documentation
7155 New closing: Fixed issue with empty Client reference exception. v3.9.0.40 26904 Documentation
7156 New closing: Fixed issue with change of instalment count on Value changes v3.9.0.40 26891, 26897 Documentation
7159 New closing: Fixed issue with duedates from parameter for specific interests v3.9.0.40 Documentation
7108 XML Insurance Bordereau Export/Import – Design and BugFixes v3.9.0.39 Documentation
7143 Closing Diagnostics is now available from grid menu if status = Closing Active, current user is the last person to make changes to record (includes opening new closing wizard) and last Closing record for the insurance was done by the current user. v3.9.0.39 26868, 26849 Documentation
7160 Fixed issue on CLOBORD.rtm to prevent long object names to overwrite info in Insbord-field. v3.9.0.40 26906 Documentation
7140 Excel import: Fixed issues that caused date to be shown as name of day. Date is now shown. v3.9.0.40 26879, 26883, 26861 Underwriting