– February 2016 scheduled bug fix release

  • It is important that you test the INS2000+ v3.6.0.69 well before you install it in your production environment.
  • Please also see version notes for version release approx 2 weeks ago, as this also includes a lot of bug fixes and improvements, that of course is also included in this version.

Module : Accounting

TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
5934 New balance/record: Ref. number is now an editable field v3.6.0.67 23565
5936 Change text in menu from Create new record to Create new balance, re. task 5633. v3.6.0.65
5983 Fixed Visma Wilhelmsen export v3.6.0.64 23794
5989 Changes to Visma Wilhelmsen export v3.6.0.64 23812
5991 Improvements to client funds refresh v3.6.0.64 23810
6001 (Client Funds) Fixed problem cancelling client funds remittance v3.6.0.65 23827
6007 Status codes(Active/Passive) now works for posting types v3.6.0.66 23715
6012 Fixed bug reports in accounting module v3.6.0.65
6019 (NHC Only) Fixed problem importing two or more cremule files at the same time v3.6.0.65 23835
6020 (Client Funds) It is no longer possible to cancel remittance on records included in client funds v3.6.0.65
6063 Fixed company number in Wilhelmsen Visma export v3.6.0.67 23998
6072 Cremul import: “1/” in payer names will have this removed v3.6.0.69 23873
6108 Fixed problems related to babelbank statement export and payment on account v3.6.0.69 24045

Module : Claim

TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
5973 (Average Disbursement) Disbursements on hold are now marked with red in “My Disbursements – In Progress” page v3.6.0.63 23687
5988 (Average Disbursement) (P&I) Pay code is now set correctly when reversing deductible v3.6.0.64 23700
6000 (NHC Only) Fixed override of email addresses when sending internal claim advice for claims in claim wall v3.6.0.65 23832
6037 Fixed error in search when using Include Insurances and Client Ref/Broker; Invalid column name ”CLIREFBR”. v3.6.0.66 23881
6095 Reminder tab shows the standard reminder page v3.6.0.67

Module : Customer Relations

TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
5957 Search all documents: Added missing field: Display filename v3.6.0.63 23566
6046 CRM Company frame: Fixed issue on Clear Country button not clearing CTRYCODE. v3.6.0.67 23943

Module : Documentation

TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
4896 (Fairwater) Customer specific templates v3.6.0.67 23710, 20904, 21514, 23848, 23959, 23784
5663 (WIS) Changed font to Times New Roman on template INSURANCE_MANUAL.xls v3.6.0.65 23017
5815 Fix issue on problem in Export of Debit/Credit Notes to ECP. VAR lines on single objects are now working ok v3.6.0.68 23308
5908 Fixed issue where Fleet Correction does not handle a change in INSDAYS and INSDAYSOVR in same operation. v3.6.0.65
5978 Fleet Correction: Added missing insurer list to dropdown box v3.6.0.63
5979 Fixed issue with wrong Alteration text and description when closing VALR/VALU lines (and a VAR line is in status ready closing) v3.6.0.65 23662
5982 QUO. Small Craft import. Object name is now truncated to max 40 characters v3.6.0.64 23718
5984 Include client rate and bonus on DBCRNOTE.rtf v3.6.0.64 23784
5986 DOC module – search grid – Edit Insured Values dialog: Added field ‘Gross Premium’. Disabled field ‘Calc. gross premium’ v3.6.0.66 23799
5990 LeapYear and override default settings for calculation of days in year. If 29 Febr. (adb ins.from and to date is set) is in insurance period, then 366 is used as default days in year. v3.6.0.64
5997 DOC module: Fixed issue where Placing page/tab was not updated when closing Edit CoverPlacing dialog v3.6.0.65
6006 Policy/Correction: Message concerning Fixed premium no longer shows on closed lines v3.6.0.66 23818
6008 Fixed issue where Fleet correction and changing ADJUSTLEAPYEAR was not working.

Fixed issue in Fleet Correction dialog – Leap year/Days in Year numbers was not updated when changing Conditions type

v3.6.0.65 23838
6014 (WIS only) Corrected template for Insurance manual – summary details shows once v3.6.0.66 23786
6034 Additional checks to avoid several instances of “Country CRM mismatch” dialog when in a process v3.6.0.67 23844
6035 CoverPlacingDialog –   corrected from 50% to 100% also for interestgroup TLO. v3.6.0.66 23876
6036 fix on issue with Policy frame, 1st and 2nd Client cont. dropdown listing ’empty contacts’ v3.6.0.66 23581
6038 Tax: Fixed issue on missing tax calculation when changing status from Hold -> Ready Closing v3.6.0.66
6042 (NHC only): Get reass no longer changes the original sequence v3.6.0.66 23909
6043 Disable ‘Edit data before printing’ v3.6.0.66 23900
6051 Customer specific COVNOT.rtm – expand objects on deductibles. v3.6.0.67 23955
6056 Various alteration: Brokerage are now recalculated and placing commission updated in accordance with “Include on VAR” field in the bonus list v3.6.0.67 23931
6058 Customer specific template COVNOT.rtm – correct for P&I Interests. v3.6.0.67 23972
6062 (NorthEdge) Fixed issue on Export of reports to Client Portal / ReportExport (RPTEXPORT/RPTEXPORTOBJ table). If Fleet + Single Object is selected only one record pr Covernote is stored in RPTEXPORTOBJ table. v3.6.0.67 23987
6089 Customer specific template corrected.   Schedule.rtm v3.6.0.67 23972
6102 Doc module. Fixed Citrix performance issue v3.6.0.68 24050

Module : Underwriting

TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
5922 Navigator panel included on grid: uBzSeawayFrm. v3.6.0.66
5969 Copy new: Fixed issue with not returning to new risk when selecting Copy Inforeg v3.6.0.66
6010 Copy risk header: Bonus at expiry field is now enabled/disabled after the dialogue when fields are copied v3.6.0.66 23847
6045 Deductible registration changes v3.6.0.67
6048 Renewal and copy bonus = No: Bonus to be unmarked and bonus% is 0.00. v3.6.0.66 23946
6060 QUO module. Fix on issue where Changing condition types can result in error message INSFDATE not found. v3.6.0.67