This is an unscheduled bugfix release which consists of the bugfixes included in the table below.

It is important that you test the INs2000+ v3.6.0.57 before you install it in your production environment.


TaskID Changelog Version SupportID
Module : Accounting
5943 Fixed issue in Bank import and Average Disb. records. Posting date is updated from bank file(Payment date) v3.6.0.57 23600
5735 Fixed issue with Edit field > Your ref access violation v3.6.0.54 23215
5532 Cancel remittance no longer possible for distributed client premium records v3.6.0.53 22344
Module : Claim
5932 (NHC Only) Improvements to handling of outstanding premium in claims module v3.6.0.57  
5951 Fixed rounding problems in claim figures v3.6.0.57 23604
5938 Fixed rounding problems when trying to cancel claim v3.6.0.54 23585
Module : Documentation
5945 Fixed issue with Filter(was only showing Insurers) on IssueDBCRTo drop-down on Edit Business Account dialog. v3.6.0.57 23582
Module : General
5896 Fixed Taskbar issue on startup when running Modules as Published application (Citrix) v3.6.0.55 23498
5918 Fixed issue on archiving reports. v3.6.0.54 20744
5923 Performance issue Placing dialog v3.6.0.54 23543
5896 Windows Server 2008 R1: Fixed issue with error in startup. New param ENABLE_JUMPLIST_TASKBAR. Set Enable = False if Server is prior to 2008 R2 v3.6.0.53 23498
Module : Reference
5913 REF module. Added User Level security management to following nodes:Section/Casehnd changeover, Template Fonts, Setting new Database, Premium Type and Conditions, Location Codes, Cargo Types, ExportLog (contact Support for details) v3.6.0.55 23517
5942 Fixed issue on Search Business Agent from Ref module v3.6.0.55 23601
Module : Underwriting
5950 Placing: Fixed issue with Placing premium not recalculating after bonus changes v3.6.0.57 23617
5921 Corrected text in “Filter Business Account”. v3.6.0.54  
5882 Change premium values and rates: Fixed an error when recalculating Placing with no commission v3.6.0.54 23455
5929 Fleet Placing: Fixed performance issue with Import from default placing v3.6.0.54 23548
5935 Renewal: Fixed issue where wrong insured was assigned to risk under certain circumstances v3.6.0.54 23534
5895 Fixed issue on xls/xlsx filename when generating CRA v3.6.0.53 23527, 23487
5902 Fixed issue on saving Excel (Flexcel templates) workbooks in Edit Premium and Rates dialog. Savings dialog will appear for all templates (not only those configured in Document Naming) v3.6.0.53 23510
5916 Added caption to actBonusDlg in dfm file v3.6.0.53