This is an unscheduled bugfix release which consists of the bugfixes included in the table below.

It is important that you test the INs2000+ v3.6.0.52 before you install it in your production environment.

TaskID Module SupportID ChangeLogText Version
5890 Documentation 23465 Fixed issue on missing saving dialog when using rtf templates (EKRtf). v3.6.0.52
5887 Claim (NHC Only) (Average Disbursement) Improved calculations of outstanding premium v3.6.0.51
5884 Documentation 23457 (NHC Only) CRA – Now possible to use xls and xlsm templates v3.6.0.51
5885 Documentation Search: Fixed issue with Brokerage % field when bonus program isn’t used v3.6.0.51
5850 Underwriting 23382, 23423 Copy New: Due to risk of duplicate database keys, Plain text is now disabled when performing Copy New v3.6.0.51
5856 Underwriting Excel Import: Changed import type “Insert” to “Append” v3.6.0.51
5882 Underwriting 23455 Change premium values and rates: Fixed an error when recalculating Placing with no commission v3.6.0.51