This is an unscheduled bugfix release which consists of the bugifixes included in the table below.

It is important that you test the INs2000+ v3.6.0.50 before you install it in your production environment.


Task Module Changelog Version
5874 Claim (NHC Only) Fixed problems with claim cost page v3.6.0.50
5869 Claim (NHC Only) Fixed problems with estimates when using claim cost pages v3.6.0.49
5863 Documentation Agent : Agent amt will now be recalculated when changing the period in Main Info v3.6.0.50
5864 Documentation Customer specific template COVNOT.rtm – expanded DEDAMT field. v3.6.0.49
5867 Documentation Fixed customer specific template COMMNOTE.rtm v3.6.0.49
5870 Documentation Customer specific COVNOT.rtm v3.6.0.49
5851 Underwriting Bugfix – Betatest ver3.6. Fixed issue on Resert Closing from Search grid.Correct closing lines are now selected. v3.6.0.49