INS2000+ Installer v. is available for downloading from our website.

We recommend that you download this version to your test environment, perform neccessary tests before you install this version in your production environment.

This is an unscheduled release and includes bugfixes according to changelog presented below:


TaskID SUP Module ChangeLogText
5390 22404 Accounting (WIS only) Fixed template DISPINTERNAL.rtm (statement) – fleet name
5367 22347 22364 22408 22424 22425 Accounting Fixed bug on missing footer when storing Grid Layout
5267 22069 Accounting The system now gives the user a warning if too many posts exist on Statements Selection > Distribute Paid
5290 22118 Accounting Fixed problems with posting VALR and VALU lines separately in closing details.
5366 22334 Claim Fixed issue on Documents in Claim module where company was not connected to business account
5358 22292 Claim (Average Disbursement) Paid column in average disbursement overview page now includes remittance corrections
5374 22319 Claim Fixed problem where claim share could be 0 when doing a collection
5406 22457 Claim Blocked possibility to change object name in internal claim advice
5405 Documentation removed loop message on Fleet Alteration
5333 22236 Documentation Fixed a bug where pasted Conditions appeared at the wrong Condition type
5382 22368 Documentation Import from Underwriting: New warning when Conditions could not be imported because of missing value in database (error regarding missing conditions tekst when importing from Quotation).
5353 22288 Reinsurance REI module: Adjustment onPreliminary Claim advice report
5381 22216 22388 Underwriting Fixed issue where security fields sometimes did not get correct values (error “Insurance Year” must have a value is fixed).
5316 22210 Underwriting Fix issues where some labels are missing on fields in Client Rate dialogue.
5357 Underwriting Excel import dialog: fixed issue on dialog buttons size
5254 22036 Underwriting Renewal: Fixed issue with Notes created through Fleet Correction in the Documentation Module to appear as unreadable numbers in the renewed Risks Plain Text field
5322 22220 Underwriting CRM: Contact > Comments now works properly
5332 21553 Underwriting Agent provision now properly includes bonus in its calculation
5346 22265 Underwriting Fixed an instance of ‘ A component named fraAccfigures already exists’ error
5348 22274 Underwriting Renewal: EXPFTIM & EXPTIM now displays time properly
5362 22335 Underwriting New parameter for Renewal CoAssured: UWR_RENEWAL_COASUR
5369 22331 Underwriting Renewal: When selecting Bonus: Copy to Risk, datafields are now properly blanked out to avoid Risk/Object mismatch