INS2000+ Installer v.3.5.039 is available for downloading from our website.

We recommend that you download this version to your test environment, perform neccessary tests before you install this version in your production environment.

This is an unscheduled release and includes bugfixes according to changelog presented below:

TaskID SUP Module ChangeLogText Version
5372 22339 Claim (NHC Only) Fix missing datafield on template AVEDISPRINT.rtf v3.5.0.39
5360 21690 Documentation (Leisure only) Fixed issue where ORGID had incorrect value. v3.5.0.39
5368 21979 Documentation (Aon Energy) Fixed issue regarding address on debit-/credit note. v3.5.0.39
5326 Documentation “Set paid on reset”-dialogue now properly appears through Print Closing Bordereau similar to Printing directly from Reset Closing v3.5.0.39
5341 22260 Documentation (Non-Boker Only): New check to ensure that Tax agent is set in Tax dialogue for Documentation and Underwriting Module. Additional check in Documentation module to capture old oversights v3.5.0.39
5098 Underwriting Speed issues in earlier versions resolved. v3.5.0.39