Bug fix release February 1st (available before end of day, Monday February 3rd)

Amongst the bug fixes this time, is a new color scheme for our module icons, so users easier can separate quickly between modules, when having multiple modules open at the same time. See a sample of new icons on the left.


This bug fix release fixes amongst other things, these listed issues:

TaskID –   Comments

4279     –    Different colors on INS2000 Icons

4043     –    Display summary correct in Placing when accessing from Find Policy.

4118      –    Balance posted on Client Premium with part payment  – Problems regarding creating  Correction (6)  on a Balance posting has been fixed.

4122      –    ARM – bruker ikke system date (override mulighet) for posterings dato

4300     –    Report “Finanstilsynet” – Reports currency for selected posting year.

4328     –    Case sensitive sorting in the grid.

4329     –    Report ” Finanstilsynet” – Template corrected regarding summaries and filtering in pivots.

4021     –    Insurance bordereau corrected to show correct deductibles also when two or more insterest are registered on a policy.

4045     –    Closing Diagnostic: New test when status 60 and 61. Error message if Accounting figures not in balance, Tot Net <> 0

4059     –    Yes / No-button used when deleting documents with reference to other documents, is corrected.

4099 + 4263 – Fixed problem with due dates when closing covernote using “closing per vessel”.

4199     –    Naming documents – Field INTSTEXT available for use on policy and INSTLText on Addendum/endorsement.

4265     –    Insurance bordereau:  Corrected to list all objects when using split deductibles.

4268     –    Agent percentage is rounded.

4291     –    Save e-mail dialog has been improved / speeded-up.

4298     –    Using Fleet Correction;  placing is now recaluclated when Bonus is removed.

4299     –    Debit/Credit note: Fix of presentation if client rate and bonus. Bonus records are now in correct order on Nota.

4301     –    (NHC): New Parameter: REI_UPPERWARNINGINTRGRP.  Reinsurance. Used to give user warning/stop loop if value is above upper TTY limit

4302     –    Fixed issues causing incorrect due dates and premium when closing terminations (TERM.).

4311     –    Sending reports as PDF attachment to an e-mail. Fix of problem where same attachment could be included twice and some attachments could be missing

4336     –    Improved code for Placing recalculation when changes to Bonus

4338     –    (Cambiasso):   Simple Tax field visible on Policy page are hidden if param.  DOC_USETAX and ACC_TAXBASIS=G (GROSS). All Tax fields visible if ACC_TAXBASIS=X ()

4347     –    (WIS): Fixed issue with Insurance manual co-assured that was missing from report.

4348     –    (Cambiasso): Fixed issue with calculation of PR Rate

4242     –    Agent-grid  improved by displaying both insurer name (INSNAM) and insurer number (INSNUM).

4303     –    Corrected bug which prevented recalculation of tax when changing data in Edit Premium, Rates and Value-dialog.

4136     –    Fixed problem regarding Agents Commision  when printing Reminder Due report and using Preview

4305     –    New parameter for allowing you to create claim greater than insured value:  CLM_ALLOW_CLAIM_GREATER_THAN_INSURED

4312     –    Corrected templates: CLMADV.rtm and CLMBORD.rtm  to include footers.