Our yearly main release, version 3.2, is now available for download on our customer pages!


3.2 highlights

We would like to highlight two of the new features:

– Split client rate, split client deductible, split client agent per insurer are functions which have been completed and implemented in the Underwriting, Documentation and Claims modules. Attachment 12 in the 3.2 release notes will provide you with a detailed description.

– New functionality implemented to provide the user with possibility to name documents and reports before they are saved. This is described thoroughly in chapter 9.10 and chapter 9.11 of the 3.2 release notes.


3.2 release notes is available for download from our customer pages at www.instech.no/customer 
Download release notes 3.2
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The installer for latest 3.2 version, is available under Shared downlods once logged in.