Company Relation Management

Company-Relation-ManagementThis module gives the total overview of each company you work with, not only customers.

This is why the name is Company Relation instead of Customer Relation. You will find addresses, phone- and faxnumbers, email-addresses, web-addresses, contact-persons, visits, company comments, user documents (mail, letter, fax, images, video etc.), system documents (Policy, Cover note, Bordereau etc.) and key-figures per company.

The module is integrated with Microsoft Office. When you want to send a mail you need only to click on the mail-icon on the company and a new mail is opened in Outlook automatically with the correct mail-address. When you send it, the mail will be automatically saved electronically on the company. Same possibilities with faxes, letters, travel-reports etc. Not only user-created documents but also system generated documents are electronically saved for each company. This gives you complete control of all correspondence with any company. Search facility for documents by wording, by document-type, by user and date. Printout of address labels on all or any company. Flexible search for Companies and Contacts.

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