New support system – Jira

ITS has changed to a new support system; Jira. From this moment and on, no new support requests are possible by email. All new support requests must go through the new portal. If you have sent support requests recently, you should already have received an invitation to join the portal through your personal login. If you haven’t received an invitation, chapter 7 in the user guide which explains how a co-worker with access can request access also for you.

In a transition period, existing support cases will be finished using the old support system, TeamPortal. But no new request are allowed in this system (email reporting).

The Jira support portal user guide is avialable as a webpage here or downloadable as a .pdf hereNew support system.pdf ) (login required for .pdf)

The new Jira support portal will continue to grow it’s functionality as we progress further. With time you will be able to search for solutions, user guides and more through the portal. But not all of this is available at present.

Bugreports are to be sent as before, they are also picked up by the new Jira support system.