Insify is the smarter solution for marine insurance professionals. The Insify platform provides ease of use, transparency, collation, collaboration and communication, all in one infinitely expandable future-proof toolbox. Some of the web projects include a document management tool, a know your customer compliance tool to manage personal data, a tool for marine survey reporting, and a tool for registering and handling war calls.



Insify is developed in cooperation with parent company Norwegian Hull Club (NHC). Leveraging on all the experience and know-how NHC has accumulated in global marine insurance is extremely beneficial to creating products that truly fit the users’ needs. We involve NHC and external parties such as Surveyors, Clients, and Brokers, from the early stages of our projects. The feedback we receive through conducting interviews, user testing and production verification is used to continuously help us better our products. We also partner with Intility, Itera, and Microsoft and have consultants from around the world, which creates a diverse international working environment.

The Insify platform is cloud based in Microsoft Azure. Front-end web applications are developed with the React framework, with back-end development in C# .Net Core. Developers practice DevOps, a modern working methodology where software development and IT operations work together to provide continuous integration and continuous deliveries (CI/CD). This allows us to shorten the time-to-market when releasing new products and services, as new production ready changes are continuously added to the code base (CI). Production delivery is done safely, predictably, and quickly (CD).