Quotation / Underwriting

QuoatationUnderwritingIn this module all insurance requests are registered and followed up to either accept, decline or no-order status.

It is integrated with Lloyds List Intelligence or IHS Fairplay’s vessel-database to check or get information about a single vessel or a whole fleet. Function for automatically renewal of whole fleets is included.

Different fleet statistics can be printed. Cumulation control to avoid insurance of same object several times. All accepted risks will automatically be followed up in the Documentation module where all documents for Assured and insurers/re-insurers are produced. By viewing a risk in this module you will be able to see status of the risk, how far it has passed in the process of documentation, premium- and claim-handling and you will be able to see all information relevant to the risk without leaving this module.

First screen of an insurance-risk has limited number of fields to be filled in. When a risk is accepted, new screens appears with more information to be completed before documents are printed out to clients and insurers.

You can export and import whole risks, not only the vessel-data.