ins2000+The flexible tool to handle Marine Insurance Business

General information

If you work with marine insurance business either as an insurer/underwriter, as a broker or as a shipowner, INS2000+  is the tool that will simplify your work so you can concentrate on doing business in a professional and secure way. It is designed to be dynamically scalable, giving you the possibility to grow with your business without adding people all the time. “The future does not belong to the largest or the strongest, but to those who can adapt quickest”. With INS2000+ you will be in the right group.


The system is easy to learn and is implemented in a day or two. You will be in production with the system within a few weeks. You will all the time have both a production database and a test database so you can test yourself or try out new functions without damaging the production data. The system is built up by 8 logical modules with full integration between them. You can monitor the lifecycle of a risk and always know which status the risk is in.


All documents are electronically saved. Documents can at any time be re-printed or sent by mail as PDF-files. For external created documents there is a drag and drop function so you can have a complete electronic archive for all the communication/documentation related to a risk.


The system is totally integrated with Microsoft Office. It can also be integrated with other systems. For automatically access to vessel-data there is integration to Lloyds List Intelligence and IHS Fairplay databases. We also integrate with General Ledger systems so your General Ledger is automatically updated with your production. If you receive or want to send fleets-data, there is an import/export function to do this. The system creates electronic statements for easy identifying payments.


The system gives good security, and it is easy to manage user-rights and accessibility. For each user it is defined which module to use and the rights they have within a module. Each user is flexible in designing his/her data views which will then follow the user on any PC they use. In all modules there is a reminder function where you can give yourself or any other users a reminder of things to do. Via system parameters, you can decide your own use of the system and via document templates you design your own report layouts.


To have good management reports, you can split the system into Business Units, Departments and Sections.


The system warns you if you don’t use the last version of a module. Updated versions can be easily downloaded from our webpage at any time (24/7/365 availability).

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