Auto email response on new support requests

During the course of December 2013 we will implement and start using an auto-reply function for all new support requests received to

Any new emails received at that does not contain the (SUPxxxxx) in the subject field, will receive an automatic email reponse. Any additional information, questions or status updates to this support case, have to be done by replying to this automatic response email.

This is yet another step in our plan to improve our support, and to organize support request so that all related to one matter is kept within the same case. With this step we eliminate when we receive support request, followed by another email on same issue 3 min later with additional info, and maybe a 3 email within next 10-20 minutes, with a follow up with more details. In such cases before, we were left with 3 different support cases, and all relevant info in one case was not organized together, which created more work, and resulted in longer time before we could actually resolve the issue.

We do currently plan how to be able to share any current support request status with our customers, on an updated way, without having to send an email request. We hope to be able to present more info on the chosen solution and when it can be available at the 2014 user meeting in June.