Insurance Technology Solutions AS (ITS AS) was established in May 1994 by the Norwegian Hull Club and AON Grieg, where both companies had 50 % share. The name was at that time “Informasjonsteknologi Sjøforsikring AS (ITS AS)”. ITS AS was mainly responsible for maintaining the marine insurance system, ITMAR, for both companies and including the two brokers Wilhelmsen Insurance Services and Polaris Insurance Broker.

In 1999 Norwegian Hull Club (NHC) decided to develop a new Insurance system. This was done by employees from ITS AS, the IT-department at NHC and external consultants. The system was ready for implementation in 2002 and was named INS2000+, and was sold to the 3 earlier users of ITMAR. Over time the numbers of customers have increased. We have now Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and Ship owners as users. At present we also have customers using INS2000+ in Norway, France and Italy.

In 2008 it was decided to reorganize the company. All employees at the NHC IT-department who were working with INS2000+ were transferred from NHC to ITS . The ownership to INS2000+ was also transferred to ITS AS. The organization and the internal processes where made more professional. The name of the company was changed to “Insurance Technology Solutions AS” (ITS AS). ITS AS is now 100 % owned by NHC.